Five Fold Creator Targets Dippers WIth Nix - Nicotine Sticks


While we have all been focused on getting people off cigarettes, there is another group of consumers out there who are addicted to smokeless tobacco, or better down as “dipping?”  Dipping is known to be a cause of the mouth, tongue, cheek and gums.  It has also been linked to esophagus and pancreatic cancer.   

Five Fold Vapor creator, Charles Ward, knew of too many of his friends who even at a young age were becoming addicted to dipping.  So taking a break from his e-liquid line, Charles decided to look into alternative products to help people quit smokeless tobacco.   

“The idea of creating a product to help get people off smokeless tobacco came from my love of what I've accomplished in the electronic cigarette industry, that being, helping people quit smoking. I knew there just weren't a lot of solid options for dippers,” Charles told The Vaping Advocate.  “Gums are too weak and taste bad. We've all heard the horrible stories from the patches. Herbal dip imitations taste like burnt tea and have no nicotine. So basically I wanted to make a product that would give smokeless tobacco users the amount of nicotine they would need, as well as give them something that would satisfy the oral fixation addiction that they have developed.” 

Just like when a vaper quit cigarettes, someone looking to quit dipping is looking for a product that will mimic the sensation of smoking.  While the toothpick does not go under the tongue, you do still get the oral fixation. 

“You just place the Nix in your mouth just like a toothpick and keep it there. The nicotine will last about 45 minutes until is is completely absorbed.  Each Nix will have 8mg of nicotine on it,” Charles continued. “Based off our results, the average 1-can a day user, can quit by using as little as 5-7 Nix per day. You treat them just like you would smokeless tobacco. Whenever you have a craving, pop one in until that craving goes away.” 

As Charles looks to launch this new venture, it is appropriate to look back at the past year to see how far he has come since starting Five Fold.  “FiveFold Vapor was my first company, and it was launched in 2015. The main struggles with that were every other week a new regulation would come out where would would have to change our bottles, or our caps, or our labels, which means all the back stock would have to be redone. As far as Nix goes, no complications yet,” Charles laughs.   

“I am already developing a new product which will be a part of Nix. Nix will be a brand, not just a product. We are using the "dollar shave club" membership business model. That way people don't have to worry about which gas stations carry Nix, or have to worry about getting on a computer and ordering a new pack every other day. The customer will figure out how many packs they need per week, and we will have them at your front door every week. FiveFold Vapor continues to grow and grow more each day. With the US market being as saturated as it is, I am focusing more on international wholesale distribution.” 

Gabriel Benson