How The Cue Can Save Vape

By Gabriel Benson


Everyone in the vape industry needs to pay attention to E-Alternative Solutions.   

It has launched one of the largest media campaigns in the history of our industry, including a multi-million dollar ad buy to support and educate smokers and vapers about the Cue™ Vapor System, its closed vaping system.   

The infomercial for the Cue Vapor System is approximately thirty minutes of television that encapsulates everything great about vaping to educate smokers regarding a real alternative to traditional cigarettes.  The video is expertly produced and can be found all over the airwaves.   

Now, certain cynics will point out the infomercial is designed to help the company’s bottom line, and of course that is true.  However, I would put the switching of new smokers to our industry as part of the three-legged stool that will preserve our industry right along with legislation and the pending lawsuits.   

And EAS has put its money whereits mouth is by not only creating the infomercial (and by marketing a device that appeals to smokers), but by joining the Board of Directors of the VTA and by actively supporting the Right To Be Smoke-Free Coalition.   



Before you can develop a compelling infomercial, you need to have the right product.  For EAS, the right product is the Cue Vapor System.  The Cue Vapor System is a closed system device designed around easy click and vape pre-filled cartridges.  The cartridges hold approximately 5ml of liquid, and the device is estimated to last an entire day without charge.  It is small, portable and available in a variety of flavors including Tobaccos, Fruits, Desserts, and Mints.  Each flavor is also available in nicotine levels of 0, 3 or 6 milligrams.   

“In the beginning of 2015 we looked at the market and realized that what was needed was a device to drive mass adoption by current smokers,” said Jacopo D’Alessandris, President of E-Alternative Solutions, LLC.  “At the time, we thought that device didn’t exist.” 

With that thought in mind, fate introduced the EAS team to Ruben Perez and Alexander Basile, founders of Digirettes, Inc. andcreators of the Cue Vapor System.   

Jacopo D'Alessandris, President E-Alternative Solutions

“Every new device released saw manufacturers attempt to offer bigger batteries and more power just for the ability to blow bigger clouds.  And that is great, but we saw the hole in the market for an easy to use, closed system device that would appeal to vapers and smokers,” said Mr.  Basile, now CEO of Digirettes.  “It was our goal to create a device that would eliminate all hurdles for the smoker trying to switch to vaping.” 

The two groups met in 2015, and immediately formed a partnership to refine the original product design in order to improve performance and meet demand for the U.S. market.  A year and half later, Cue Vapor System was ready for launch.   


“Enjoy Everything You Love About Smoking Without All The Issues That Go Along With It.”  

EAS knew it had a winning product, but as we have documented earlier in this issue, the middle of 2016 was a dark time for the vape industry.  Regulations were depressing the market, and public support was not on our side.   

Taking all that into consideration, EAS made the bold decision to think outside the industry to launch Cue Vapor System directly to the masses.   

“The Cue is a device that is satisfying for current vapers, but we knew for us to be successful we had to reach the smoker.  However, vaping had been demonized so much we knew we had to do something bold,” Jacopo stated.  “Our idea was to create a 29-minute infomercial that educated and, more importantly, normalized vaping.” 

The infomercial contains a collection of person-on-the-street testimonials where consumers discuss various issues associated with both cigarettes and e-cigarettes and focus on the ease of use of the Cue Vapor System. In a hosted education segment, the moderator also discusses the device and - you guessed it - reminds us to “Buy Now” to receive the special offer.    

One of the great things about the ad is that it doesn’t shame the smoker.  In fact, it embraces the smoker.  The message is clear.  We understand you like smoking, but the “Cue Is a Better Way.”     

One interviewee says she was “constantly carrying mouthwash, body spray, and hand sanitizer just so [she] could have that one cigarette.”  The image smartly dissolves to a couple kissing without fear of the harsh aftertaste of tobacco.   

Another person talks about how they were “constantly going outside to smoke” and missing more interesting events inside.   

These are issues that almost everyone reading this magazine can relate to.   

And this infomercial offers a solution.  These are all messages that our industry has tried to get to the public for years, but has not had a platform this large before now.  The only downside is that the FDA’s restrictions on marketing messages limit what can be said in the video.   

The 29-minute show broadcasts at night on several cable and satellite providers. In addition, shorter cuts of one and two minutes also run on television.   


Obviously, the Cue Vapor System was not a product developed pre-predicate date, and as such is subject to the PMTA process just like every other vapor product on the market.   

“We are strictly following the Deeming Rule and submitting the proper application materials,” Ed Denk, EAS Director of Marketing recently told me.  “We have numerous people on staff to make sure we are in a strong position to successfully navigate the authorization process.  In addition, we are communicating directly with FDA to make sure we understand its expectations. 

As Ed and I wrap up our conversation, I remind him that this magazine received some negative feedback when we did an article on EAS last year.  

“We are strong contributors to the vape community, particularly through our support of VTA and the Right To Be Smoke-Free Coalition, as well as other advocacy efforts we have made on a national and state level – we helped fund the Coalition’s successful lawsuit against the state of Indiana, and we continue to support the national lawsuit”.  “To survive as an industry for the long-term, we first need to eliminate the perception that this is the “wild west” and it is critical to work together,” Ed continued.  “That doesn’t mean we don’t compete, but we also find common ground and try to solve the problems in front of us.  Our path to saving the vaping industry may be different than yours, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the same goal.” 


So, why is the Cue Vapor System and the marketing behind it so important?  The reason is simple.  We in the vapor industry are passionate about encouraging smokers to try vaping and most of us do our very best to protect the industry.  There are solid moral and business reasons why the vape industry hates cigarettes.  However, our megaphones are only so big, and all too often we find ourselves preaching to the converted.   

This infomercial has the potential to reach millions.  And unlike conventions or even movies about the power of vaping, this pro-vaping program is available to anyone who happens to just be sitting on their couch.  EAS’s other advantage is that it is a mass market brand with the ability to have this product available not only in vape shops, but also through mass retail.  Its ability to deliver and keep the product on the shelf is important for those seeking an alternative to smoking.   

While other larger companies have stepped into the vape space before, EAS has proven to be a friend to our industry.  Their support of VTA, Right 2 Be and other initiatives prove that the company is working with our community to survive.   

In our battle to convert smokers to our cause, the Cue Vapor System from EAS just might be the device that helps save vaping.   
















Gabriel Benson