The Future Of Vapor Panel @ TPE

Wednesday morning at the TPE saw a well attended panel on The Future Of Vaping hosted by Schell Hammel of The Vapor Bar.  Other panelists inclided Jackie D'Alessandris of e-Alternative Solutions, Vince from Five Pawns. and Brian Haynes of Troutman Sanders.   

With the number of vape shops dwindling and with manufacturers tightening their belts, is consolidation in the cards?  Is the recent downturn in sales brought about by a lack of certainty?   

"SKU rationalization is only inevitable due to the massive regulatory process no matter what happens in Washington," mused Brian Haynes.  

While there are questions pertaining to the category Future especially with a new regime in Washington, the recent dates that have been pushed by the FDA are offering hope.  

While the ship might have sailed, Brian Haynes did say the door was perhaps still open for self-regulation.  



When asked about the black market, the panel seemed to agree that it was inevitable.   

Gabriel Benson