Repeal & Replace Bill Delayed A Week?


As the vaping world approached the one year anniversary of the release of the FDA Regulations, the industry received a gift in the form of the ‘Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act of 2017.’’  The bill submitted by vape legend, California Representative Duncan Hunter, is nicknamed the “Repeal & Replace” act as it would essentially accomplish three things.  

  1. It would remove ENDS products from the tobacco category, and reclassify into their own category.
  2. The bill would essentially “Repeal” the FDA Regulations through reclassification because the FDA would lose their regulatory power over vaping that was given to them by the Tobacco Control Act.
  3. And the bill would “Replace” the regulations with an industry created regulatory system.

The effect of this legislation is massive and immediate as it would: 

  • The removal of the tobacco label alone from vape products is enough to cause clouds of celebratory vapor to fill the skies. 
  • By taking away the authority of the FDA, vaping would once again be free to expand and innovate.

There are certainly questions about this bill that need to get answers - and The Vaping Advocate has submitted their questions to the appropriate parties - however, we are hopeful that this bill moves the industry along in a forward direction.



Gabriel Benson