What Does The New FDA Head Mean For Vaping?

The Trump administration has taken down several of vaping's enemies over his first several months, including Public Enemy #1 Vivek Murthy, however it is hard to say how much better off vaping is today compared to last October.  While the pieces are in place for a better future - is the path to victory any clearer?

For sure, the approval of Scott Gottlieb to be the new head of the FDA is a positive sign. Everyone assumes that Gottlieb is pro-vape, based on previous relationship with KURE, but he has said very little on the topic.  And frankly, sitting in front of Senators out for blood who would blame him for keeping quiet.  

What Gottlieb has said is that the FDA is too burdened with regulations to the point that forward thinking products are difficult to get approved.  His often sited example is the Epipen, which similar to a vape device suffers from intense regulation not just for what it does but what it delivers.  

Gottlieb also is consistently on the side that the FDA's insistence on knowing every possible outcome of what a product can do is far to restrictive and burdensome on manufacturers.  

The question on everyone's mind is truly - what can even a new FDA head do at this stage of the game.  Can he just erase the regulations?  Highly unlikely.  What he can do is delay them to a degree that will allow other measures to take effect.  

Gabriel Benson