Florida State Of The Union Before World Vapor Expo

While the Florida Smoke Free Association lost some momentum in 2016, 2017 has shown to be a time of regrowth, change in leadership and focus on the industry.  FSFA is looking forward to being on the front lines and taking a proactive approach to legislation by cultivating relationships with key legislators who have influence within their prospective parties,   

FSFA has been in existence since 2013 and has defeated ALL legislation that would have negatively impacted the rights of ALL business and consumers in the state.  With that said, the lack of interest in keeping memberships current and new members joining, has put a severe dent in budgeting.  Currently, our lobbyist is in arrears with payments.  What we have to our advantage is, Capitol Access is on our side and believes in our cause.  We must gain support at a steady pace to keep on track with lobbying efforts.  The FDA extension only provides for a false sense of security. The State in fear of the FDA delay, could enact something that could devastate the industry in our state.  Florida is one of the only state advocacy group with a 100% success rate.   

FSFA has memberships as low as $100 monthly for instate businesses and $50.00 monthly for out of state businesses.  There are over 600 active vape shops in the state.  There are less than 30 active members with the FSFA.  Are you one of them?  Join with us to keep Florida alive and well in the vape  industry and pushing forward to reach those who need us most. 


Delores Orlando, FSFA Membership Coordinator 




Gabriel Benson